Our New System for Spice Organization

This new set up for our spices is just a dream. It took me a while to land on what to do, but now that we have it, I could not be happier.

Spice Organization | Kitchen Pots & Tabletops

Spice Organization | Kitchen Pots & Tabletops

Previously, our spices were thrown in a basket in our pantry. Everything was in different sizes, things would fall over, and you couldn’t find anything. Every time we needed something, Dylan and I would grumble about how stupid our system was and how hard it was to find anything.

Out of much desperation, I took to the internet. I came across a lot of good ideas, but when it came down to it, I didn’t want something on my counter or on the walls. I have enough going on visually without adding the spices, and on top of that, the best possible spot gets a ton of sun, which is not good for spice storage. As I looked into standard jars or tins to use, I figured I could make something like that work in our pantry. Then, I came across these wonderful jars from Libbey on Amazon. They seemed like the right size, and the reviews were good. I also noticed that there was a chalkboard label designed to fit the lid. It was a match made in heaven.

Spice Organization | Kitchen Pots & Tabletops

So, I took an inventory of how many jars I would need and put in my order. Meanwhile, I still had the problem of where to put the jars. I finally decided to clean out a large drawer next to the pantry and dedicate it solely to spice storage. That way, I could alphabetize the jars, and they would be easy to spot. The height of the jars fits perfectly in the drawer, and there was room left on the right side for our measuring cups and spoons.

Everything arrived a few days later, and that following Friday, I dove right into transferring everything over and labeling the jars. I could not be happier with how this project turned out!

Spice Organization | Kitchen Pots & Tabletops

What’s on the Menu {8/11–15}

Colorful Bud Vases

I had a good weekend of relaxing and working on projects. Yesterday, we went to check out a Pizza Farm. Essentially, you go to a farm where they make wood fired pizza with their home grown ingredients. We made a picnic of it with a few friends. Despite a few mosquito bites, we had a great time.

Weekly Dinner Menu

Monday—Chicken Marsala

Tuesday—Quesadillas before Dylan has to head out for a meeting

WednesdayTuscan Pasta Salad (minus the blue cheese)

Thursday—Dinner with friends for a church event

Friday—Undecided. Maybe burgers or something else on the grill

{Image via Leif Shop}

What’s on the Menu {8/4–8}

The Perfect Palette Mediterranean Tabletop

This week is shaping up to be a busy one. Thankfully, I had a pretty restful weekend. Saturday was full of errands and then lounging around the house. On Sunday, I spent some time in a friend’s pool before we headed out to dinner with some friends. All in all, it was a good weekend.

Weekly Dinner Menu

Monday—Out to dinner for Dylan’s mom’s birthday

Tuesday—Pizza and a game night with our friends, TJ & Karla

Wednesday—Grilling out with our small group from church

Thursday—A big salad with peppers, bacon, hard boiled egg, chicken, etc.

Friday—Grilled brats and corn on the cob

{Image via The Perfect Palette}

Colorful Kitchen & Dining Space

Colorful Kitchen & Dining Space

I really like the color in this kitchen / dining combo space. The deep teal backsplash set against the white cabinets, ceiling, and light fixtures is a dramatic statement. The pink in the rug pairs perfectly with the teal, and then the single teal chair brings that color into the dining space. The stylist did a great job with this room to keep the eye moving around the space! I love how the color is balanced against the white, and the wood keeps the space from feeling cold or unlived in.

{Image via The Kitchn}

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